Many of the characters are connected ♥

Reading Order

You can start at any of these levels, but if you want to make sure you recognise all of the characters, I do recommend you read these in order.

Stolen Moments by Catharina Maura
Illicit Promises by Catharina Maura
The Ruins Of Us by Catharina Maura

The Stolen Moments Trilogy follows Emilia and Carter throughout high school, college, and into adulthood. Their story is intense, angsty, and steamy. It’s a best friend’s brother and enemies-to-lovers romance. Characters from this series appear in The Tie That Binds, Serendipity and Forever After All  ♥ I don’t really write high school characters at all, but these two are an exception. You’ll see why. Their history really matters.

The Tie That Binds by Catharina Maura
Serendipity by Catharina Maura

The Tie That Binds and Serendipity are both Daniel and Alyssa’s story. The Tie That Binds is written only from Alyssa’s POV, while Serendipity is written only from Daniel’s POV.
The Tie That Binds should be read first, even though Serendipity starts a few years before the story in The Tie That Binds does. Both are Billionaire Marriage of Convenience stories. It’s not necessary to read Serendipity after The Tie That Binds. The Tie That Binds can be read as a standalone.

Forever After All is a true standalone, but you’ll see Emilia from The Stolen Moments Trilogy in this one for a brief appearance. Characters from this book also appear in Until You. This is a Billionaire Marriage of Convenience story. I wrote this inspired by my obsession for k-dramas, so it’s got a very similar feel to it.

These are all standalones, but I recommend that you read them in order. Book #1 is a Brother’s Best Friend romance involving secret identities, a vigilante platform, and cohabitation. It’s a Billionaire romance and you’ll see characters from Forever After All.
Book #2 is a doctor-patient romance that’s forbidden on many levels. It features a female engineer who is building her own sex toy company. The hero in this book is the brother of the heroine in book #1, Until You.
Book 3 is a teacher-student romance, and book #4 is an ex’s older brother revenge story. Both of these are Billionaire romances as well!