Serendipity – Signed Copy

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I thought I could stay away from her. I thought wrong.

What was I supposed to do when I found out that Charles Moriani’s last wish was for me to marry his only daughter?

I owed the man everything – he taught me all I know and took on the role my late father was unable to fulfil, never asking for anything in return.

Until now.

The choice was easy to make. Too easy, perhaps. I tried to make myself believe I married her for honourable reasons, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Alyssa was never meant to find out how I feel about her. She was never meant to end up in my bed. And she was definitely never meant to love me back.

Author’s note: Serendipity is based on my debut novel, The Tie That Binds, and largely follows the same events, but it’s written from Daniel’s point of view. Serendipity is technically a standalone, as it starts years before The Tie That Binds does — but I highly recommend reading The Tie That Binds first. It’ll be a more enjoyable read that way, as Serendipity was mostly written for my beloved readers that requested Daniel’s side of the story after reading The Tie That Binds.

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