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UY Ebook

She’s the woman I’ve been falling for online. The one whose coding skills outdo mine. The one I’ve been trying to track down.

It’s her, and she’s off-limits.

Dr. Grant Ebook

She’s a patient, a Ph.D. student, and she’s Harold Astor’s granddaughter.

She’s entirely off-limits.

forever after all

Desperate and out of options, Elena Rousseau walks into a gentlemen’s club, ready to sell her body in a last attempt to save her mother’s life – not expecting to be offered a marriage of convenience instead.

Stolen Moments by Catharina Maura

A single kiss changes everything for two lifelong rivals in this best friend’s brother romance.

Illicit Promises by Catharina Maura

Emilia and Carter meet again at college In Part II of the Stolen Moments trilogy

The Ruins Of Us by Catharina Maura

Book III in the Stolen Moments trilogy. This is the last part of Emilia and Carter’s story

The Tie That Binds by Catharina Maura

When Alyssa Moriani loses her father, she’s faced with an impossible choice: fulfil her father’s last wish and marry Daniel Devereaux, her best friend’s older brother… or lose her father’s company to the one person that’ll burn everything she’s worked for to the ground.

Serendipity by Catharina Maura

You’ve read Alyssa’s side of the story in The Tie That Binds. Now it’s Daniel’s turn.

Broken Beauty by Catharina Maura

A beauty and the beast retelling, exclusively available in the Once Upon A Broken Crown Anthology

Same stories, different language

German Editions

UY Ebook

German Version

Sie ist die Frau, in die ich mich online verliebt habe. Derjenige, dessen Programmierfähigkeiten meine übertreffen. Die, die ich versucht habe aufzuspüren.

Sie ist es, und sie ist tabu.

Dr. Grant Ebook

German Edition

Sie ist eine Patientin, eine Ph.D. Studentin, und sie ist die Enkelin von Harold Astor.

Sie ist völlig tabu.

forever after all

German Edition

Verzweifelt und ohne Optionen betritt Elena Rousseau einen Gentlemen’s Club, bereit, ihren Körper zu verkaufen, um das Leben ihrer Mutter zu retten – ohne zu erwarten, dass ihr stattdessen eine Scheinehe angeboten wird.

Same stories, different language

Italian Editions


Italian Version

È la donna di cui mi sono innamorato online. Quello le cui abilità di programmazione superano le mie. Quello che ho cercato di rintracciare.

È lei, ed è off-limits.