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Catharina Maura

Catharina Maura is a USA Today Bestselling Author. She writes Billionaire Romance with a hint of the forbidden under Catharina Maura, and paranormal romance under C.A. Maura.

Cat is of Indian heritage, but was born and raised in The Netherlands. She currently lives in Hong Kong with her husband and a dozen houseplants that she can barely keep alive.

She’s most active in her Facebook Reader Group and on Instagram, but she’s also on many other platforms! The easiest way to stay in touch with her is to join her mailing list ❤️ This is where she announces new releases and offers opportunities that you won’t find anywhere else.









Frequently Asked Questions answered by Cat

How do I join your Inner Circle?

You can join my Inner Circle Facebook Group by requesting to join! That easy! This is where I interact with readers most. It’s where you can ask me questions and discuss my books with other readers. I also occasionally do giveaways and post teasers for upcoming works.

If you want to be the first to hear about beta reading and ARC opportunities, you’ll need to be signed up to my mailing list. My mailing list generally gets huge giveaways around launch week, and a monthly list of freebies to download too!

Can I join your ARC, Beta, or Street Team?

At present none of my teams are open for new applicants. If my team and I open up new spots, my newsletter subscribers will always be the first to know. If you’d like to sign up, you can do so here.

Where do I download exclusive extra epilogues and extra content?

You can find that right here

Will you write Kate and Asher's story? What about Mason and Lisa, and Elliot and Luce?

Kate’s story is perhaps my most highly requested one, but I’m not sure I’ll write it. Her story is filled with heartbreak and venom before we get to her HEA, and I’m not sure I’m skilled enough to write her story.

Mason and Lisa’s  story (from Illicit Promises) is one I do intend to write. Their story is complicated, with her being Mason’s dead brother’s ex. It’ll likely be a duet, and I have no idea when I might write it because it really depends on my publishing schedule.

Elliot and Lucian’s story I likely won’t write because I’ve never written MM before. Writing something I have absolutely no experience with is a little overwhelming, so while I don’t rule it out, I don’t think their story is one I’ll write.

Can I buy signed paperbacks?

Yes, you can. Usually signed paperbacks and swag  can be purchased through my website, but at present I’ve disabled my online store.

If you’re subscribed to my newsletter, you might have already read that I’m moving from Hong Kong to Amsterdam for six months, so I likely won’t re-enable the store until I’m back in Hong Kong. If that changes, I’ll send an email about it!

How do I sign up for your newsletter and what can I expect?

You can sign up right here but there’s also a form linked just below this FAQ section ❤️

Teasers, cover reveals and giveaways are pretty much guaranteed, but I mostly use my newsletter to really get to know my readers. I often share fun stories about my life or writing process, and I love asking questions for you to reply to so we can get to know each other 🥰

Contacting my team about PR or sub-rights

Going forward, Catharina Maura will be working with an entertainment lawyer instead of an agent, so please contact her directly for subright queries.

For PR queries, please contact my publicist, Amanda Anderson

For general enquiries, please contact my PA, Laura Martinez


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